zondag 7 augustus 2011

Norwegian Stranger

A conversation I had with a Norwegian girl;

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
what time is it?
You: 2.12 AM
Stranger: 2.12 AM
You: Same timezone : D
You: Fuck yea.
Stranger: yay :D
You: Where are you from?
Stranger: the best one
Stranger: norway
Stranger: you?
You: The Netherlands.
You: How are you? (:
Stranger: cool
Stranger: Im great :)
Stranger: how about you?
You: I'm fine. I just saw this documentary about the shootout on Utoya. I hope that guy is going to rot in a cell the rest of his life.
Stranger: yeeeah
Stranger: too bad we the longest conviction we have in norway is 30 years
You: Maybe they can alter it for this one time. You know, that shoot out even influenced our Politics, because one of our 'politicians' was mentioned in Breiviks' manifesto.
You: And now our politicians are still throwing virtual mud at each other.
Stranger: wow
Stranger: yeah he made a pretty big mess!
You: I know.
Stranger: I was supposed to go to ut√łya actually, with my boyfriend
Stranger: but I had to work
Stranger: so luckily we both stayed home
You: Yeah.. You really are.. Did you know anyone who did go?
Stranger: I knew who very many was. but personally I just knew a few
Stranger: most of them made it.
You: That's good. My mom was crying when she heard the news, I just got home from a political camp.
Stranger: wow
Stranger: it makes you think how easily such things can happen
You: It was one person.
You: Who fucked up a lot of shit.
Stranger: he did
You: But did he make you stronger? If you know what I mean.
Stranger: well its been all over the news that the rest of the people in norway are so supportive and loving agains eachother all of a sudden
Stranger: so it pulled us closer as a people and a more friendly attidude agains foreigners have appeared
You: That's good to hear.
You: It has really fucked our politics up. Right-wing politicians keep blaming Left-Wing politicians, and vice-versa.
Stranger: ugh :/ thats not good
Stranger: thats what that guy wanted, make mess and dissagreements
You: I know. Glad to see he has failed to do that in Norway.
Stranger: totally failed :p
Stranger: he dont get that when you use violence, you lose support at once. if you want to change something, use words, not violence
You: True (:
Stranger: :))
Stranger: well well
Stranger: im going to bed :)
You: Sleep tight (:
Stranger: nince talking to you. and the spy person
Stranger: you too :)
Stranger: ciao
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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